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Writing for The Christadelphian

Some questions answered

In recent years the range and variety of articles appearing in The Christadelphian has been expanded. This short guide explains the requirements for would-be authors considering writing for the magazine and answers some questions. Further information is available from the Editor on request.

Must I wait for an invitation to write?

No. The majority of articles in the magazine are unsolicited, and anyone may submit material for consideration. Some writers have been approached for articles of a specific nature, or to maintain a section for which material does not normally arrive, but the magazine is compiled predominantly from material received.

How long should an article be?

In its current format one page contains around 600 words. We seldom publish articles more than four pages long, and find shorter articles are popular.

What if I have a lot of material?

We would consider turning this into a series, part of which is to be published each month. In the past some series have run for a long time, years even, but our preference today is to keep the series length to no more than twelve articles. If more than that was to be published it may be sensible to break the series at a convenient point, and then resume later. With a longer series, it is helpful to know the content of the articles ahead of time, since this offers opportunities for promotion as well as enabling us to avoid overlap in particular issues.

Are there any types of articles preferred?

Regular readers will be aware of the different sections used in the magazine (Sunday Morning, exposition, practical, archaeology, history, current events, Faith Alive! (aimed at younger brothers and sisters), our community and the epilogues.)  Material is encouraged for all these sections.

Which version of the Bible should I use?

There is no stipulation.  Readers and writers are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of different versions and should use their discretion. As a magazine we still use the KJV frequently, and of the modern translations the NKJV and ESV are used regularly, but others are acceptable to help the author make his or her point. It helps us to know which version is being quoted.

How should I submit my article?

Electronic submissions are preferred (in Microsoft Word or similar) for ease of production.  Hard copy submissions will be considered equally if electronic submission is not possible.

Is there a deadline for submissions?

Unlike news items (required by 10th of each month) there is no deadline for articles, unless it is scheduled for a particular issue, in which case the 10th is the absolute deadline.

Will my article be acknowledged?

Usually, yes.  The Office undertakes to respond to each submission wherever possible.

When will I know my article is to be published or not?

This is hard to say.  If an article is not considered suitable for The Christadelphian writers can expect to be advised relatively quickly.  If an article is to be used it may be many months before it is printed, as it is always useful to have a stock of articles to select from to produce a balanced magazine.  This means articles can lay in the ‘to be published’ pile for a long time in some cases. Today we like to advise authors before their article appears. If the article is written with a particular date, deadline or anniversary in mind, please note this when submitting: it will help us to make best use of your work.

In all of this, we try to strike a balance: a good writing style is helpful, but good scriptural ideas are even better. We would rather receive an article that required editorial intervention and a modicum of ‘ghost-writing’ than for a potential author to feel their writing skills were not up to a perceived standard. We do not guarantee to publish your article, but we do want you to feel encouraged to write for us.

Who decides whether an article is included?

The Editor in conjunction with the Assistant Editor and if necessary the Chairman and wider committee.

How much editing is done?

This depends. Proof reading will always identify minor corrections and changes, and editing occurs to ensure a consistency of style. Sometimes articles are edited for length. If this is the case every effort is made to reflect the sentiments of the author and if major changes are required the author is consulted or shown the final article.

Is there a particular house style I should adopt?

There is a house style and details can be found in the separate Guide for Writers; please contact the Editor to obtain a copy.

Can sisters write for The Christadelphian?


Can those of other Christadelphian fellowships write for The Christadelphian?

As this is a magazine for the Central community, authors for the magazine are members of ecclesias belonging to Central. Views expressed will reflect the doctrines outlined in the BASF.

Are there any subjects to be avoided?

Articles published usually reflect mainstream understanding and opinions of the Central community. The aim of the magazine is to bring honour to the Almighty whilst encouraging readers in their discipleship and defending scriptural truth.  Minority views are considered, and sometimes published, but the magazine is not a place for controversy or for airing extreme views.

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